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Job Description

Accountant (ARABIC SPEAKER)-locally inside in UAE

Job ID:Job041413 Posted Date:05-Jul-2021 Closing Date:08-Jul-2021
Location:Abu Dhabi
Job Description




Job Objectives:

Preparing all financial operations related to salaries and payments to achieve common strategic and operational goals.


Internal Relations:§ All department employees.Foreign affairs

Suppliers§ Department of Finance§ Private sector  Banks, banks and other financial institutions


Duties and Responsibilities:

 Job Role: Accurate and timely processing of salaries. Manage expenses and advances and process related payments.

Perform end-of-period adjustments for payroll and ensure all benefits/deductions are covered.

Participate in the settlement of any differences in the payroll statements and request clarifications from the relevant authorities when necessary.

Issuing salary payments requests on time and ensuring payments are received according to the deadlines set out in the policy.§ Accurate recording of payroll payments and their compliance with established policies and procedures.

Prepare monthly payroll reports and submit them to the Financial Services Department for approval.

Record invoices accurately and in a timely manner.

Manage bill payments and approve approvals in accordance with the delegation of powers, policies and established procedures.

Implementation of cash refunds and payment settlements when required.

Issuing payment requests and ensuring payments are received according to the deadlines specified in the invoices and guidelines.

Respond to any inquiries related to payments.§ Issuing payments reports in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.


Responsibilities for completing work on time. Performance Standards§ Efficiency in completing tasks § Number of works completed§ Quality of performance § Indicator of completed analyzes§ Indicator of completed updates§ Effective communication § Number of feedback received from entities§ Number of improvements made§ Problem Solving Index


Minimum Criteria

with well experienced  :Big 4 are Deloitte, KPMG, Ernest & Young (E&Y), Price Water Coopers (PWC)

  •   Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting
  •  Nationals: Bachelor’s with 0-2 years of experience/Diploma with 1-3 years of experience/High school diploma with minimum 5-7 years of experience in a similar career field.§ Non-nationals: Diploma with 3-5 years minimum experience in a similar job field.
  • Salary 15,000 EAED
  • Arabic speaker  and locally inside in UAE


Other Information

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION : 07/07/2021 not later than  4:00PM

send your CV directly to hr@spark.ae


Additional Information